Saturday, March 2, 2013

Groovebook + craftiness

I'm really excited to talk about Groovebook.  As someone who just had a little bundle of joy and is constantly trying to capture every. single. moment, Groovebook is nothing short of aaaamazing!! 
Groovebook is an app that lets you upload 100 photos a month, and for just $2.99 they will send you a book filled with your printed photos! Perfect for collages, framing.. or my latest craze.. scrapbooking!

Yes, I swore I wouldn't be one of those moms.. but whatever. I'm keeping all of Liam's baby shoes and will eventually put them into shadowboxes, and I have one of his newborn diapers framed.. I'm one of those moms, can't go back now.

So, my craft space has been in utter disarray for months.. But since receiving my first Groovebook, I've been feeling inspired. So, I decided I would tidy up my craft desk and make it somewhat usable. My sister had given me a scrapbook and some supplies, and I finally put them to use!

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