Saturday, February 23, 2013



- Fabric mod podge
- Needle 
- Thread
- Fabric scraps
- Scissors 
- Patience! :)

  1. First you'll want to find an image to use. The options are unlimited. You can freehand, or find an image online and print it out and use it as a stencil. 
  2. Take a section of fabric and apply an even coat of fabric mod podge. Once it's dry, it'll stiffen the fabric and make it easier to cut out your design. Some tutorials I have seen online say to cut out your design first, then apply the mod podge, which you can do.. but I found it easier to do it this way. Whatever works for you.
  3. Trace and cut out your design.
  4. Apply a GENEROUS, thick layer of mod podge and press firmly onto the tee
  5. Once that's dry, sew around the edges with a contrasting thread color. This part isn't technically necessary, but it adds a little something and also keeps everything secure.


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  1. He is so proud of your work! Look at his lovely smile! What a sweetheart <3
    Can't wait to snuggle him!

  2. That's so cute x
    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :)

  3. I love this. Cute shirt and darling baby. Isn't mod podge the best!
    Marcie @ I Gotta Try That

  4. Oh so CUTE!!! I want one for myself!

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening :)

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